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B.A., M.F.A. Creative Writing: Playwriting. Lecturer at the University of Hawaii. Adjunct Faculty at Palm Beach State College. Currently working on a Ph. D. in Mythological Studies with Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. :: Graffiti, a new play about Goldie and Alice, neighbors who live in a trailer park in Holiday, Florida, and fight about Junior, the grandson Goldie raised. Junior is now a man, and Alice has noticed.

TBT Babalooo! Where Are You?

Published in EQ Magazine.

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Roger’s Pantera. It went fast and it was REALLY loud. I could hear him coming at least a mile away with the low vrub-vrub-vrub, vibrating widows and such. Conversations in the car were impossible, what with muscular steel torqueing through bodies. … Continue reading

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Grief is Not a Choice

When I picked up Roger’s iPhone, after his last breath, a long time passed before I remembered to breathe. I froze. Some people do feint at the sight of death; maybe they forget to breathe? I was amazed that I … Continue reading

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Don’t get your socks all in a bunch. They are only words, right? I am a tree–felled by ax, thunder storms or bad ideas. Mainly boys, carve into my bark. Ouch! Don’t they know I bleed? The uncut tree numbers … Continue reading

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Fugitive Blonde circa 1986

Lead singer/songwriter Conrad Reeder’s band from 1986 – 1992. Various members, but the songs were written mainly by Conrad, Sandra Kaplinsky/Garszva & Kyle Keilman. Mixed/Mastered by Roger Nichols. Buy the track “Wildlife” by Reeder/Garszva here:

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A new show written by hit songwriter, Pam Wolfe, & Conrad Reeder is now titled: THIS TIME AROUND  (Venus A Love Story, was renamed because of a similar title currently on Broadway.)

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Around 7AM I spotted these Zebras clumped sleeping together on a dead palm bloom. They love this one woodsy area of my yard and seem to prefer dead branches–must not be slippery. The temperatures dipped in the 50s. Maybe they … Continue reading

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