A new show written by hit songwriter, Pam Wolfe, & Conrad Reeder is now titled: THIS TIME AROUND  (Venus A Love Story, was renamed because of a similar title currently on Broadway.) http://www.thistimearoundthemusical.com About these ads

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John Denver in Modern Grief Excerpt

I talked to John Denver on the phone the night before he died. The night before his own great leap into the abyss, although “crash” is a more correct choice of word. His first big hit sung by Peter, Paul and Mary, was “Leaving on a Jet Plane. Yes, I know what you are thinking: […]


The long-suffering fans of the New Orleans Saints can celebrate tonight for their big Super Bowl win 31-17 over the Indianapolis Colts! Hallelujah!!!  Special send-out to all my UNO buddies…. (And “geaux” is a cajun nod to “go”– AHHHEEE.


It’s been ten long years since my visit to Cuba. At that time, I wrote about the recording studio, Abdala, for EQ Magazine and fully expected to return soon to continue my love affair with the island, the music, and the people, but historical events botched my plans; in particular, the selection the following year […]

Wacko Writer at the Daily Mail

Writers like A. N. Wilson at the Daily Mail use psycho-babble to confuse readers. The smarmy writing with over-kill phrases like “orgy of saccharine” or “artificially whipped-up sentiment” pepper a piece that makes mincemeat out of critical thinking, mainly with the false assumption that large shows of grief must be fake. Says who: a writer […]

Death of a Pig

1 thing leads 2 another. At 1st, I was turned off by E. B. White’s title, Death of a Pig, & was determined not to read it. Sometimes I can’t take much gore. But, I couldn’t help myself, I read White’s story. I thought it was going to be about slaughtering a pig, but instead, […]

John & Connie on The Tonight Show

This clip is circa 1990…

Yes, I moved my blog…

Welcome to my new old blogspot on wordpress. Let’s just say I was “pressed” into making this move. So far…so what.

GODDESSES, WHORES, WIVES, & SLAVES: The Archetypal Roles Assigned to Women in Theatre PART 1

Plays by women and the roles for women in theatre represent a developing, dynamic field–historically, a much neglected field. If women wrote throughout recorded ancient history, most of it never saw the light of day, or was lost, if not systematically destroyed. Based on the available evidence, the origins of Western theatre began in ancient […]


IT SEEMS CAPTIVE MINDS WORKING TOGETHER CAN WIN WARS, build towns and universities, but at what cost to humanity and the environment? And is it worth that cost? The Mayflower Compact, deemed by some as one of the documents that inspired the U.S. Constitution, came from a “people who had more in common with a […]


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